Medical Education and research trust
Whipps Cross University Hospital



Location of the MEC: 2nd floor of Willow Lodge, between junctions 11 and 12 of the main hospital

The Medical Education Centre provides facilities and support for the education, training and professional development of medical staff and undergraduates to ensure the effective delivery of high quality health care and current good practice.

Rooms and equipment are available to all departments. Training workstations in computer aided learning rooms are also on offer to medical students and all staff. A variety of team-led workshops and courses which, due to the flexibility of their nature are ever-changing and details of present pre-arranged programmes can be found by clicking on ‘Courses’. The facilities available are as followed:

1 Large Lecture Theatre
Holds 95 people
3 Seminar Rooms
Holding between 15 and 25 people
(*Depends on the size of the room)
1 Committee Room
Holds 15 people
1 Clinical Room
Holds 15 people
1 Video Conferencing Room/MDT
Holds 25 people
1 Computer Assisted Learining Room
10 Computers
2 Scanners
1 Black & White Printer
1 Medical Library (with computer room) 6 Computers
1 Dining Room

Refreshments available all day
Hot meals served between 12-2.30

1 Small Bar
ONLY serves alcohol to staff out of working hours

Lunch-time medical education meetings known as Grand Round are a popular venue for consultants and trainees of all specialties to meet their colleagues to get together over lunch in the medical staff lounge before attending a lively and interesting presentation in the nearby lecture theatre (Every Tuesdays at 1pm).

Generic Skills Curriculum for Senior House Officers (SHO's) are available every Mondays between 1pm-2pm.

SPR Management Course is also available 2pm-5pm (select link to see dates and Seminar titles).

Note: Click on 'Grand Round,' 'Generic Skills Curriculum' or 'SPR Management Course' to see details of the timetables

Medical Education Centre
Whipps Cross University Hospital
London E11 1NR

Direct Line/Fax : 020 8558 8823