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We are proud to have educational facilities here at Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust that are new, modern and innovative.

Clinical Skills Service

The Clinical Skills Service provides a safe environment for clinical staff (both Medical and Non-Medical) to practice and gain procedural competence prior to performing skills in the Clinical Setting. The MET Suite contains a Clinical Skills Lab with a variety of part task manikins.

Seminar Room

The Seminar Room is a large room available for presentations and teaching sessions. It is equipped with a Projector and Plasma TV screen, which has an audio-visual (AV) link to the Simulation Suite and the Communication Suite within the department. It also has a direct AV link to CT Intervention Suite, Encoscopy Suite and two main operating theatres within the Trust.

Simulation Suite

The simulation suite has a four bed fully functional mock ward including piped gasses, infusion devices, BIPAP machine, monitoring equipment and fully equipped resuscitation trolley. For simulation purposes we use high tech equipment such as Sim Man and Sim G3 (which has the capacity to be moved to other clinical areas), Sim Baby and Sim Neonate all of which offer the ability to replicate various clinical scenarios. The Simulation Suite can be adapted to many other hospital settings including operating theatres, maternity and paediatric departments. It offers an opportunity to experience and learn from challenging and rare events in a safe environment.

Communication Suite

The Communication Skills Suite is a small room made to look and feel like a consultation room, linked by AV equipment to the Seminar Room. This enables for communications taking place in the small room to be videoed and relayed back to the Seminar Room for a larger group to observe and undergo debrief.

Surgical Simulation Suite

The Surgical Simulation Suite is a self-directed simulation area for surgical and endoscopic training on specially designed simulation trainers.

Catering facilities are available.

All rooms are air conditioned.

Courses we offer

Simulation training is now part of the foundation trainees educational programme. The programme has an emphasis on Human Factors (non technical skills) training. These sessions are facilitated by trained and experienced facilitators and clinicians. Simulation is used for many other under and post graduate trainees and development of further educational opportunities is actively encouraged. The MET Suite hosts major specialised courses such as Laparoscopic Courses, Train the Trainer Courses and Joint Injection Course as well as a variety of non-medical education courses.

Room Bookings

To book a room, please contact Dawn Zucker or Dagmar Liskova on ext. 6538 or contact us via e-mail.


Who we are

Rachel Gill Lead for Medical Education Training and Simulation Suite

Ext: 5618, Bleep: 633

Megan Hall-Jackson Clinical Skills Tutor and Communication Skills Lead

Ext: 5315

Renata Wojciechowska Clinical Skills Tutor

Ext: 5997

Dawn Zucker MET Suite Co-ordinator

Ext: 6538

Dagmar Liskova MET Suite Co-ordinator's Assistant

Ext: 6538

Dr Tom Smith Consultant Anaesthetist, Medical Lead for Simulation and Associate Medical Lead for Communication Skills
Dr Gomathy Kandasamy Consultant Anaesthetist, Medical Lead for Communication Skills and Associate Medical Lead for Simulation


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